Battery Swelling iPhone 5: Apple might fix or replace your iPhone to avoid risks of explosion or fire

Expanded, swollen batteries can explode. I got my (out of warranty) iPhone 5 replaced on an Apple Store for free. The battery was pushing up the display/screen glass out of the aluminium bezel. If your iPhone’s battery is expanding, fix it ASAP!

The battery of my iPhone 5 suddenly expanded… Watch the video

Connecting the iPhone and iPad to TV: three ways compared!

Have you connected your iPhone or iPad on the TV? They are great to watch videos, show photos to family and friends and even play games on the TV. The iPad is awesome to make presentations on Keynote – plugging it directly on a Projector (you can connect your iPhone too!)

Which cable/adapter should you buy? Should you go wireless with Apple TV? Here is the ultimate overview tutorial on “Connecting iGadgets to the TV”. Watch the video