How to fix Apple TV problems: missing AirPlay button on Control Center, mirroring not working

Fix Apple TV’s AirPlay problems: Airplay playback or mirroring not working

How to fix AirPlay problems: missing AirPlay button on Control Center? iPhone and iPad mirroring not available or unstable? Here you have a checklist to fix your Apple TV.

Quick and easy, step-by-step, troubleshooting guide:

The new Apple TV is a hit! And the AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring got much more stable and faster on the 4th generation device! Even so, problems can still happen, specially with AirPlay. It can be some weirdness on your router, or the iPhone itself… streaming video/screen of the iPhone to the Apple TV involve a lot of technologies.

But don’t worry. Just watch the video and do all the following 9 steps to fix AirPlay problems:

  1. Turn OFF the Cable Modem, Router and Wifi
  2. On the Apple TV, close all running apps
  3. Restart the Apple TV
  4. On the iPhone and/or iPad, close all the running apps
  5. Restart the iPhone and iPad
  6. Turn ON your Cable Modem, Router and Wifi
  7. Enable Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad
  8. Be sure all devices are using the same Network
  9. Keep your devices updated

Putting all devices in the same network and enabling Bluetooth makes AirPlay much easier to work. It is also possible to do “Peer-to-peer AirPlay” from an iPhone or iPad who is NOT connected on the same network, which is useful mostly at offices and schools.

AirPlay Support links

Apple has some very nice and detailed support content about AirPlay troubleshooting:

I hope it helped you!