Sound problems on iOS 9, iOS 8 or 7? Lets fix it!

Sound problems on iOS 9, iOS 8 or 7? Lets fix it!

No Sound on your iPad? Your iPhone has sound problems on certain games and apps?

iPad and iPhone sound problems are very easy to fix!

This tutorial shows you:

  • how to un-mute the iPad (lots of people don’t even know it can be put on mute)
  • how to un-mute when the side-switch is used to lock the rotation of the screen
  • how to turn the volume up
  • how to bring up and down the Control Center
  • how to close all the background apps in iOS 8 and 7 (it is basically the same on iOS 9, only that now you are presented with a stack of screens, not side-by-side)
  • how to reboot/restart the iPad

Hope you enjoy!

Headphones Only

If you tried everything in the video but have “headphones” indication even when you don’t have headphones inserted, your iPad might moisture in the headphones connector. Try inserting and removing your headphones a few times. Also, be sure the docking connector (where you charge the iPad/iPhone) is clean: use a dry toothbrush to remove any dust/dirty particles from the bottom connector. Keeping the iPad in a plastic zip bag with some silica envelopes for a night might help in the case of moisture messing up with the headphones detection or the external docking audio detection.

“Mute” doesn’t mute it all

The “Silent” function (either on “side switch” or  in “Control Center”) doesn’t mute content such as videos in YouTube – this is expected and explained by Apple in its documentation… but it causes some confusion as Apps get silenced and people don’t understand why since videos plays sound but apps are quiet.

Understand the Lateral Switch:

Reset iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: (rebooting, forcing it ‘off’ and ‘on’ again)

Unresponsive iOS device, resolution checklist: