BOOM Swimmer: waterproof bluetooth speaker – the best shower speaker

BOOM Swimmer: waterproof bluetooth speaker – the best shower speaker

For the first time a Bluetooth Speaker caught my attention – mostly because of its unique form-factor and sturdiness. My wife watches videos in her iPhone all the time, even when she cooks or take a shower, so, a small waterproof speaker was perfect for her.

There are lots of places this wireless speaker is great: on the bicycle (for safety reasons you shouldn’t bike in the city using earbuds), in a bathtub, as a shower speaker, in a swimming pool, on the beach, camping, traveling / backpacking / hiking… It is not only water-resistant, it is IPX7 Waterproof (I explain what is it in the video) – so, water is not a problem. Watch my unboxing and full review of the BOOM Swimmer:

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My impressions

I honestly don’t know why there are so few articles about the BOOM Swimmer. The reviews I found were very positive and even enthusiastic – and I totally agree. While I was testing and preparing the video, I had loads of fun playing with the Swimmer – before handing it over to my wife definitely.

The only critic I have is about the position of the “+” and “” buttons: they should switch places. Holding + for 3 seconds jumps to playback to the next song, so, it would make more sense if this plus were at the ‘right’ of the play button (and the minus at the left). It is the only complaint I have.

Another surprise was about Bluetooth performance under water. I knew that bluetooth radio frequency ranged at the microwave level, so I imagined no bluetooth devices wouldn’t really communicate well underwater – but I was really amazed that only a few inches would be enough to interrupt the signal. Thats the reason there are no “bluetooth swimming earbuds”.

Bottom line: I like it a lot. Recently I listened to several Bluetooth Speakers in stores – and of course you can find lots of options with deeper and louder sound, but they are much heavier, bigger and cost a LOT more. The Boom Swimmer has nothing to do with “sound-systems”/stereo/living-room… But it is perfect for what I’ve shown in the video.

How this video was produced

Voice entirely recorded with the Blue Yeti USB Condenser Microphone (watch my review) on Cardioid Pattern. Sound recording, editing and post-processing all in Audacity, including equalization, noise reduction, normalization and audio compression.

Video recorded mostly on Canon 600D at 24 frames per second. Final “60fps look” is naturally achieved in accelerated sequences using custom/fast-speed fps, and artificially by interpolation on normal speed takes.

Outdoors bicycle sequence was recorded on an iPhone 4S using the “Filmic Pro” app. The park is the “Parque del Retiro” in Madrid, Spain. Since 2014, Madrid offers a public bicycle renting service – BiciMAD – with 123 stations scattered on the center of the city.

Featured songs provided by YouTube Audio Library, free music; listed by appearance order in the video:

“Opening Night”, Jason Farnham
“Blues Blast”, John Deley
“Play Song”, John Deley and the 41 Players
“Dixie Outlandish”, John Deley and the 41 Players
“Non Piu Andrai”, Ron Meixsell
“Horses to Water”, Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
“Led Foot”, Ethan Meixsell
“Loophole Fragment”, Silent Partner
“World Map”, Jason Farnham

The video was written, performed and produced by Everson Siqueira.

Backstage photos:

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