Apple Watch unboxing by Everson Siqueira

 Apple Watch Sport 38mm space gray: Unboxing with Love

The Apple Watch introduces new ways for people to communicate in more personal, intimate, subtle ways – well, thats what Apple told us 🙂 There is only one way to know – buying two Watches: one for me and another to my wife.

We wanted to buy them for pickup at a store, at the very first day. It was not that simple.

On 2015, June 26, Apple started selling its watch on a second batch of countries, including Spain, where I live. I woke up very early, at 7:01 I was ready to fill the forms as fast as I could to make a reservation and pick my 42mm blue Watch Sport at the “Puerta del Sol” store in Madrid. The system told me I would be able to pick it up at 9:30 (yey!). Unfortunately I was stopped by an SMS code that never came back… Two hours later I gave up and ordered online – it might be delivered someday on July.

My wife was much smarter: she went directly for online purchase since the first minute. Her 38mm space gray Watch Sport arrived today, June 30 – and she was very kind to let me carefully “unbox” it.

There are lots of unboxings already on YouTube – many of them just hurry up to crack-open the package and start showing the Watch. I’ll do something different: just a careful unboxing focused on the “opening experience”.

I loved the details of the packaging, the plastics, the materials, the charger… Everything is so beautiful. Ok, I am a total fan-boy… but I was really amazed by the details. To me, this is the most refined, most detailed, fine crafted Apple product to this moment. Opening this box was delightful.

I am now editing the video… I’ll post it as fast as I can! Don’t miss it:

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See you very soon!

UPS delivered the Apple Watch Sport in this nice box
UPS delivered the Apple Watch Sport in this nice box