SSD upgrade on old Laptop PC – Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD: migration, installation and speed test

SSD upgrade on old Laptop PC – Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD: migration, installation and speed test

It is about time to make that old notebook fast again. No, really fast!

Is SSD worth it on an old computer? Yes! SSD prices are dropping and the migration/installation is very easy. The “Data Migration Program” that came with my Samsung EVO did the cloning perfectly – it was a drop-in replacement and, boom, it was all fast like never before.

Please, forgive me if it sounds too incredible. But it is true: you change 1 (one) component and suddenly everything is snappy fast (unless all you do is CPU data crunching).

Since 2009, I started using a Macbook as my main work computer. It came with a traditional hard-disk and I used it that way during 4 years. Then I changed its HDD for an SSD… what a difference! In 2013 those 500GB were expensive – but the productivity gain was brutal. It was my working tool, so it was worth the price.

Besides the Mac, we always had a PC around at home. We use it sporadically… so, we never considered buying an SSD for it – until now.

Check it out on Amazon:

Here you have my affiliate link*. The Samsung 850 EVO line is offered in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. I bought the 500GB one. Once at Amazon, you have easy buttons to change the capacity and compare the prices:

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On both occasions I bough SSDs from Samsung after reading lots of reviews and some performance/endurance/energy-efficiency tests. There are other SSD brands who demand even more energy than an mechanical hdd, which on a laptop is a deal breaker to me. Right now Samsung offers a very good relation between price/capacity/performance/endurance and consumption (battery time).

This content was NOT sponsored. I just like Samsung TVs and SSDs 🙂