Product Review Policy

Do you have a product that matches the universe of my channel and you want me to check it out? You can send it to me. If you do so, you are agreeing to the following:

  • It doesn’t mean I will make a review about it.
  • I don’t accept money in exchange for granting a positive review.
  • I am committed to my editorial freedom to review only products that excite me and are relevant to my audience. If I review your product, I will be honest about what I like and what I dislike about it; what surprised me and what went wrong.
  • When I review things that I bought myself, I say it clearly. Likewise, it will be clear that I am reviewing a product that was sent to me.
  • I don’t submit my reviews for revision/approval. I will simply publish it (I’ll let you know and send you a link to it, of course). The length, format, technical quality and production value/elements on my reviews are unpredictable.  I also cannot warrant or predict audience figures (views/likes).
  • I usually keep sent items, reviewing them or not. They may (re)appear in future comparisons (with new models or even competing brands), or even in non-related content. But keeping them/using them/wearing them out/showing them (again) is totally up to my discretion. Returning items is time and money consuming.
  • But, if you want me to check something that is expensive and it is justifiable that you want it to be returned after I evaluate or review it, you need to provide the means for its return (financial/delivery/transport). Tell me in advance.
  • I live in Madrid, Spain. International shipping might give surprises – be sure shipping costs, customs information and clearance fees are correctly informed/covered. I won’t spend yet another day in Aduana (customs), I swear!!! I frequently buy things from (, and even and they are perfectly delivered to my address.
  • I cannot warrant a specific time-frame/schedule for a review. Is it really important to you? Tell me in advance.
  • Are you going to launch something that is still a secret? No worries. I can review it in absolute silence and publish it only after it is ok to disclose it. Tell me in advance.
  • I am optimistic/positively oriented. I take no pleasure in bashing a product on camera neither in presenting some insipid neutral analysis. If I discover your product is hateful or dull, I usually prefer not making the review (unless I had already invested time and effort into it and I consider relevant to review it anyway).

You might prefer to first send me some information/press-release about your product so I can tell you upfront if it is something that I would be interested in reviewing or not.

Contact me:

My universe of interests

My name is Everson Siqueira, producer of the Geek Detour YouTube channel. I love making videos and I love to interact with my viewers, to answer their questions, to give recommendations and advice. I deeply care about making videos that people really enjoy watching.

I only make videos related to my interests. Simple. Here is a list of things I already made videos about or I intend to make in the future:

  • I am a heavy Apple user and fan – I love the iPhone, the iPad, my Mac, the Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPod… Not only do I use them on a daily basis, but I am also a developer (I co-developed a couple of apps available in the App Store). In fact, my channel was born out of the necessity to share some troubleshooting videos to our own apps’ users!
  • Digital Life – Internet of things, sensors, health monitors, multimedia, music, smart connected wireless stuff, life-enhancing things.
  • Sound – sound recording, sound editing, midi controllers, mixing tables, microphones… I am not a professional, but I like to dive into getting the most out of my gear and share my knowledge with others.
  • Photography and Video – you expect big heavy expensive gear to give professional results. But it is amazing to see more and more digital video/photo equipment – that is capable, portable, smart and affordable – empowering low-budget productions to achieve awesome quality;
  • Retro – I am not a collector, but I can’t get rid of some retro junk I truly enjoy: Atari 2600, NES and my Apple IIe (still working). RetroPie is a bliss!
  • Tools, making things, or try – DIY is empowering. Electronics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 3D printing… all awesome.
  • Travel – who doesn’t love to travel? And I like to bring a lot my tech with me.
  • Finally, I like to teach – I like to share what I discover and learn. The ultimate goal is that my viewers get excited about something they now can do better, or know about, after watching one of my videos.

Very often I make video reviews of products that I bought myself for me and my wife. Before I buy my stuff, I read and watch reviews – a lot. Quality doesn’t necessarily means expensive – but it is more rare to find quality on a super-cheap deal. Nobody likes to discover they just bought crappy stuff. Quality/cost ratio matters; but quality alone matters more.

It usually takes me several months to finish a review after I purchased a product. I like to understand the product, to use it in my life – to see how it performs in real situations.

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